Number of chambers 3
Inner Curtain Thickness 2,7mm PVC composite
Profile class B Class (TS EN 12608-1)
Seal Type The insulated bristle wick system
Glass thickness (mm) 4-6, 20, 24mm
IThe thermal insulation Uf: 1,43 W/m²K

Light Oak ST 515

Golden Oak ST 500

Anthracite Grey AS 508

Anthracite Grey ST 508

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Dark Oak ST 501

Cream AS 057

Grey Sand AS 509

Mahogany ST 504

75 mm profile width with double railed frame and 92,5 mm width single rail alternative frame and 50 mm width of sash profile.

Perfect thermal, sound and water isolation because of the 3 chambers system.

The medium locked sash with a seal system.

Application of single glaze 4-6 mm and insulating glass 20, 24 mm by grey sealed glazing beads in different tickness.

Application with roller shutter and without roller shutter choices.

Wooden designed laminated applications.

Penwood 232 Rail Series

just for your home

Adopen aims to show high performance in insulation with the New 232 Penwood Rail series and has succeeded in minimizing the heat transfer. Penwood Rail 232 series has successfully passed rain, weather, wind usage power, durability, thermal insulation and reliability tests thanks to its 3-chamber and sealed interlocking system.

The resistance of the 232 Penwood Rail Series, which provides superior insulation thanks to the composite material inside, has been proven in international laboratories.

The abolition of the use of reinforcement steel for the manufacturers reduces the costs and eliminates the need for extra stock space and creates the option of storing as a whole.

By eliminating the need to use different machines for cutting and screwing, many machines are offered a more efficient working process instead of long working hours. In this way, the production time is shortened and faster service can be offered to the consumer.

Our Adopen Penwood 232 Rail system product is a first in the industry and is a patented product in the name of ADOPEN in the National and International area and has been the innovation pioneer of window systems abroad for our country.

Watch every season peacefully from your window by choosing the colors you want from golden oak, dark oak, light oak, marsh oak, sand gray, gray, mahogany and cream.