Penwood 883


Profile width 80 mm
Number of chambers 6
Inner Curtain Thickness 2,7mm PVC composite
Profile class A-B Class
Seal Type Inner-Outer-Middle,3-piece seal system
Seal Type and Color TPE - Grey / Black
Glass thickness (mm) 22, 24, 32-34, 42, 44, 48-50mm
The thermal insulation Uf : 0,90 W/m²K
Uw : 0.77W/m²K

Light Oak ST 515

Golden Oak ST 500

Anthracite Grey AS 508

Anthracite Grey ST 508

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Dark Oak ST 501

Cream AS 057

Grey Sand AS 509

Mahogany ST 504

Adopen 883 Penwood Window and Door system profiles provide superior thermal insulation with low heat transmittance value Uf: 0.9 W / m2K and window insulation value Uw: 0.77 W / m2K.

It has 30% maximum heat, sound and water insulation compared to the products with support sheet.

Adopen 883 Penwood Window and Door system profiles provide air, water, sound and dust insulation as well as heat and sound insulation thanks to its structure with 6-chamber composite internal curtains and stain-free elastic TPE gaskets in gray-black colors.

Adopen 883 Penwood Window and Door system profiles have triple seal systems, namely inner-middle and outer gaskets. In this way, it increases heat and sound insulation, as well as protects the accessories used in wing openings against corrosion and ensures a long life.

There is no need for Adopen 883 Penwood Window and Door system profiles, self-supporting profile system and support sheet in its internal structure

No need for support sheet cutting, screwing and workmanship.

Just cut and boil. You do not need support sheet and support sheet stock area

It offers 22, 24, 32-34, 38, 42, 44, 48-50mm application opportunities as double glazing and triple glass with specially designed glass laths with different sizes of gray gaskets.

It has a water drainage channel. It can be drilled or cut directly.

It offers Lamination application options as an alternative to white color.

In addition to the flat wing profile, the wing profile with dropper is also offered.

Window and door handles in different color models can be selected to adapt the architectural designs of the spaces.

It offers the opportunity to use with ADOPEN PVC Shutter systems.

It has quality certificates approved by national and international measurement agencies.


just for your home

The revolutionary of the Adopen family, the new name of Change and the window, the Penwood 883 Series, was created by blending innovation and technology. Thanks to its three sealed system, 80mm profile width and composite material inside, the Penwood 883 series is 100% recyclable, bacteria-free, durable and long-lasting, economical, high-volume sound and is an environmentally friendly window profile system that provides heat insulation and offers ease of manufacture and assembly.

The window of superior energy efficiency with its PVC Wood composite structure in the interior, let Penwood 883 series breathe your home and keep the world's chaos out of your home thanks to its unique sound, heat, dust, air and water insulation.

The international laboratories have successfully passed the tests of rain, weather, wind, durability, heat insulation and safety against all kinds of climatic conditions without support sheet in the inner chambers.

Penwood profiles, which Adopen calls natural joints, provide maximum strength and strength from the profile corners due to the boiling feature of the internal wood composite material at the corner welding points.

While the support sheet usage within the profiles is eliminated, window production and sales costs are reduced, while the need for extra support sheet stock space for the manufacturers is eliminated, creating the option to be stored as a whole.

This eliminates the need to use different machinery and equipment for cutting and screwing. Thanks to this practicality, many machines and a more efficient working process are offered instead of long working hours. With the Penwood 883, a faster service can be offered to the consumer as the window production time is shortened.

Our Penwood product is a patented product on behalf of ADOPEN in the National and International area and has been the innovation pioneer of window systems abroad for our country.

You deserve the most beautiful windows of life. The new Penwood 883 is right for your home with gold oak, dark oak, light oak, marsh oak, sand gray, gray, mahogany and cream color options.