Marmara 222 Rail Series


Profile width 3mm Double Rail Case, 111mm Three Rail Case and 38mm Sliding Wing
Number of chambers 3
Profile class B Class (TS EN 12608-1)
Seal Type Bristle seal system
Glass thickness (mm) 4, 15, 17mm

Ant. Grey ST 508

Ant. Grey AS 508

Dark Black AS 520

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Natural Oak HR 570

Grey Sand AS 509

Grey Sand ST 509

Mahogany ST 504

Silver Teak SB 513

Ant. Grey ST 516

Silver Brush SB 518

White ST 517

Dark Black ST 520

P.Golden Oak ST 540

P.Dark Oak ST 541

There are 63 mm wide double rail frame, 111 mm wide three rail frame and 38 mm wide sliding wing profile double sliding and 3 wing sliding options.

It provides excellent water isolation thanks to the confused water discharge system case.

Possibility to apply single glass (4-6 mm) and double glazing (15 - 17 mm) with gray sealed lath in different thicknesses

Roller shutter and without roller shutter options

In addition to the white body color, it has colored and laminated profiles.

Marmara 222 Rail Series

just for your home

Marmara Rail Series enters your life with a thin and silent structure thanks to the double-rail and three-rail case application system.

Its decorative and stylish appearance shows you how much we attach importance to aesthetics as well as what you can expect from a window.

Marmara Rail Series, which is shaped according to the needs with its laths of different thicknesses, offers the opportunity to apply glass (4-6-8 mm) and double glazing (15-17 mm). In addition to these application options, it offers excellent heat, water and wind protection assurance.

Adopen is there to make your life easier. Enjoy the quality, elegance, comfort and peace with the Marmara Rail Series.