880 Hebeschiebe Series


Profile width 185mm Kasa, 80mm Wing
Number of chambers 5
Profile class A Class (TS EN 12608-1) / RAL 716-GZ
Seal Type Internal-External, 2-seal system
Seal Type and Color TPE - Gray / Black
Glass thickness (mm) 24, 32, 42mm
The thermal insulation 1,5 W/m2K

Ant. Grey ST 508

Ant. Grey AS 508

Dark Black AS 520

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Natural Oak HR 570

Grey Sand AS 509

Grey Sand ST 509

Mahogany ST 504

Silver Teak SB 513

Ant. Grey ST 516

Silver Brush SB 518

White ST 517

Dark Black ST 520

P.Golden Oak ST 540

P.Dark Oak ST 541


185 mm Frame, 80 mm Sash profile combination.

Because of the elastic grey and black seal which does not leave any stain on profiles will be provided maximum air, water, dust and sound isolation.

Color range for laminated products.

880 Hebeschiebe Series

just for your home

If a spacious and wide opening is desired in your terraces, balconies and gardens, the Adopen Lifting Rail Hebeschiebe series is for you.

The Hebeschiebe wing profile, which has 5 chambers, is 80mm wide. Thanks to the design that allows the use of support plates with high inertia moment values, joinery can be made in wide openings.

By offering PVC and aluminum bottom frame options, desired threshold height can be achieved. Alm. thresholds have a heat barrier and provide maximum thermal insulation.

With its laths and special seals that allow the installation of glass in 24, 32, 42mm thickness, maximum heat, sound and water insulation is provided.

Adopen Hebeschiebe rail series allows the wings to be opened and closed easily with a single stroke.

The option of application with and without louvers supports you with a service understanding according to the need.

Adopen Hebeschiebe series offers more than you need with golden oak, dark oak, light oak, marsh oak, sand gray, gray, mahogany and cream color options.