Atlantik 777


Profile width 70 mm
Number of chambers 5
Profile class A Class (TS EN 12608-1) / RAL 716-GZ A Class
Seal Type Internal-External and Middle, triple seal system
Seal Type and Color TPE - Gray / Black
Glass thickness (mm) 24-28-32-40mm
The thermal insulation Uf : 1,22 W/m²K
Uw : 0,90 W/m²K

Ant. Grey ST 508

Ant. Grey AS 508

Dark Black AS 520

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Natural Oak HR 570

Grey Sand AS 509

Grey Sand ST 509

Mahogany ST 504

Silver Teak SB 513

Ant. Grey ST 516

Silver Brush SB 518

White ST 517

Dark Black ST 520

P.Golden Oak ST 540

P.Dark Oak ST 541

The main profiles have 70 mm width.

Because of the elastic grey and black seal which does not leave any stain on profiles will be provided maximum air, water, dust and sound isolation.

Due to the 5 chambers profiles, it has maximum performance for thermal, sound and water isolation.

It is a series of profiles with very special design that provides maximum wind resistance on high rise buildings.

In addition to white profile a different laminated color range is available.

4-5 mm single glazing application of 20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 42 mm glazing beads give us alternatives of using double, triple glazing and panels.

Atlantik 777

just for your home

Providing superior heat, water and sound isolation with its 5-chamber system, 3 gaskets, 70 mm profile width and surprising water discharge system where all powers are combined, Atlantik 777 is much stronger than its competitors.

It also distinguishes itself with its desired joinery production, astonishing water discharge system and fugar wing structure.

While the glass laths with different sizes of gray gaskets provide the opportunity to apply double glazing (24-28-32-40mm), TPE adds practicality to your life with its low stock cost and fast manufacturing option thanks to its gray and black sealed profiles.

While the single opening, double opening and double wing opening options are completely shaped according to your wishes, they offer the option of applying according to the shape of your house with louvers (motor, remote control or manual) and without a roller shutter.

Atlantik 777 is common to both your quality and colorful days and tomorrow with its wood patterned golden oak, dark oak, light oak, marsh oak, sand gray, gray, mahogany and cream colors, quality approved by national and international measurement institutions.